A Tale Told by an Idiot

Theatre of the Absurd

I'm a jack of all trades. A bard and a jester. A speaker and a listener. An opinion and a compromise. I'm serious when you think I'm kidding. I'm joking when you think I'm not. I'm lonely in a crowd, but crowded when I'm not alone.

I am intelligent and skilled, bit I fail at something most people find incredibly easy. Interacting with humans. My humor will go over one person's head. My wit will be too slow when talking to another. I'll say nothing to the people I wanted to meet, and speak incessantly to those who desire silence. I'll say things that should stay private, and withhold the words I should be sharing. I am confident in my abilities, but doubtful of my worth to others. Frustrated with the bizarre creatures I must share this planet with, I'll eventually just go home and play video games.

Most of the few who have understood me are far away and out of my life. I'm often misunderstood, so I must make the most of being confusing.
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